Tai Chi Qigong and Meditation for Beginners

Cherry Collins: Surrey Hampshire Tai Chi Classes

1. Tai Chi for Health: "Tai Chi Qigong"

The first Qigong exercises are thought to be more than 5000 years old. Tai Chi-Qigong Exercise is a proven Art and is still the Chinese People's way of staying healthy. 

According to Chinese Medicine, of which Qigong Exercise is a part, all illness - be it mental, emotional or physical - arises when one's energy system is out of balance. Difficulty sleeping, frequent colds, stress, fatigue and pain are common indicators that there is a problem with one's energy system. Qigong movements have been devised by Chinese Doctors and practitioners to return the energy flow to normal.  

Classes employ a 'follow me' format with lots of repetition and explanations. Expect to feel energised, looser, more relaxed and happier.

We offer separate classes for beginners and improvers. Weekly attendance is preferred but not essential. Suitable for people of all levels of ability, although at the present time we do not offer seated exercise - you will need to be able to stand for an hour


Come and try a class - you'll be glad that you did :)


Tai Chi Qigong Sanctuary

Our Evening Tai Chi Qigong exercise classes take on a meditative atmosphere, created by coloured lights, candles, aromatherapy scents and music to soothe the senses. Come and exercise in an atmosphere of tranquility. 

Beginners classes available are: Tai Chi Qigong in Farnborough /near Farnborough (Mytchett) Tai Chi Qigong in Camberley / near Camberley (Hawley), Tai Chi Qigong in Aldershot and Tai Chi for beginners 

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Meditation Classes


Beginners Meditation

We offer a short half hour Meditation class at the Canal Visitors' Centre Mytchett GU16 6DD on Tuesday mornings, 10.30-11.00am, straight after our Improvers Health Qigong class. Additionaly, our 'Sanctuary' classes at the Canal centre on Monday and Tuesday evenings have a short period of meditation to start

Relax, Unwind De-Stress

Many recent studies have confirmed the benefits of meditation, from improving the mind to improving one's health and levels of contentment. 

Come along to this lovely Guided Meditation class where each week we explore various methods of meditation. 

Just come along and try it

This is a relaxed informal class and we normally have enough space for everyone, but it's always a good idea to check ahead of attending, in case of holidays. 

Meditation FAQs

What time should I arrive?

Please be ready to come into the room at 10.25am, the previous (Qigong) class finishes at that time, so when you see the previous class leave, please come in.

If you do happen to be late, please come in quietly and find an empty seat, but for the benefit of the group try to be a bit earlier next time :)

What is the cost?

£3 per session, only when you come

Do i need to bring anything?

No, although if you want to you can bring a cushion and a small blanket to get more comfy on the chair

I'm not sure how to meditate

Don't let that stop you, the class is aimed at beginners. Everything is explained fully, just sit, relax and listen to the instructions. And enjoy!

Will people be watching me?

No, we lower the blinds so no-one can see in from outside and everyone will be facing towards the instructor, with eyes closed. The instructor will also have their eyes closed during the meditation

Will this conflict with my religion / faith?

No, there shouldn't be any problems there. Meditation is a multi-faith practice. We don't worship any deity or make offerings etc, meditation is just an inward journey to a more relaxed body and mind.